“Now you’re Changed” : Biggest Problem after some years of Marriage

My dear friends, “Change” is the only Constant, which will
definitely happen. Don’t overlook the fact that,
You also “Changed”, “Changing” and will definitely “Change” (both Physically and Emotionally).

So why to expect from your Husband that he will remain the same all through your life?

In fact, if he is not changing then something wrong is happening.
Don’t try to be a girl friend after Marriage,you do so
because you want to see a Boyfriend in your Husband.
But Unfortunately,you will not get your Boyfriend back, Now he changed to “Husband”.

Relations and Humans are not like Water which will change into
Liquid, solid, vapors and retain its all original form again if we give them
respective environments.

Consider below things and decide whether, Is it “OK” to blame
your Husband after marriage that : “Now you’re changed” ?

1. Every year our age count change, can we stop that?
2. Everyone enjoyed their school life, can we continue going to school all though our life?
3. After School, now its college, “Best Phase of Life” , can we continue going to college, all though our life?
4. After college, Some are working, Will our First Job, First Assignment,
First Manager, First Team Lead, will remain the same allย through our life?
5. Most Important for Married Women, the most important part our life,
“Our Maid”, will it remain the same all through our life?

Conclusion : Humans are meant to change and so relations,
“Important thing is change should be positive”,
I know not all changes we can accept, but that change
which are bothering u will itself change after sometime.

So have Patience and give time to yourself (For accepting Changes),
Don’t get hyper, Don’t get worried if something is changing.

No one can stop it,ย what we can do is, we can also change as per the “Change”.



14 thoughts on ““Now you’re Changed” : Biggest Problem after some years of Marriage

  1. Well , first of all good that u penned down ur thoughts as it relieves ur pain
    so talking change , there cam be change with in you and external to you
    change external to you is mostly guided by people around
    so keep good company, else leave
    If u can’t change them better is to find change within ourself .. we inflict pain on ourself by expecting ppl will change bcoz we changed for them
    regarding the GF to wife, it’s big change for both..but still love resides as a GF and BF ..as we didn’t took each other for granted ..and fear the loss of partner
    So it’s necessary for both husband and wife to keep that spark alive ..I knw it’s easily said than done ..better is to find happiness/love somewhere else in kids, hobbies, teaching, in elders , pets..finding someone who will reciprocate for sure..and when your partner finds that extra space, he will all the more try to seep in ..woh kehte hain na bhaav dena chhodd dete ho to log bhaav dene lagte hain..

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