Our Society : “Son” and “Daughter” Both are Equal!!! – Really ???

Dear Friends,

Now-a-Days I can see many campaigns to save “Girl” child,
But my Question for everyone is : Are we really saving “Girl Child”?
Do we really think that “Son and Daughter Both are Equal” ?

I think : “No”.

Let me try to convince you all :

1. Parents in front of Society “Proudly” say – “My Daughter is like my SON“.

But why feel “Ashamed” by saying – “My Son is like my Daughter” ?

2. If a girl wear Trouser, Jeans, Tops, Shirts and is having a TomBoy look.
They feel “Proud” that my “Daughter” dressed like a “Boy”.

But why feel “Ashamed”, if their Son wear Salwar Suits, Sarees etc….?

3. They feel “Proud”, if their “Girl”- Drive a Car/ Bike/ Airplane etc…

But why feel “Ashamed”, if his “Son” – cook for his family (Parents/Wife/Kids etc..) or do Household Chores?

4. They feel “Proud” if their “Girl”, play sports like Boxing, Football etc..(Basically strength based sports)
But why feel “Ashamed” if his Son learn Classical dance like Kathak/Bharatnatayam etc..?

5. They feel proud after Daughter’s Marriage that she is Independent, Working, Handling her family
But feel “Awkward/Hesitated”,if she give them something, or taking care of them(even after her marriage).

But why they expect from their “Son”, that he should take care of them even after his marriage also?

Conclusion :

In our Society we just “Teach”, “Preach”, Equality among Genders.
We never practice it.

God has created two different Species “Males” and “Females”
Every Specie has its own Beauty, Weaknesses and Strengths.
We cannot expect same out of each.

So why promote equality when God himself, didn’t create them Equal.
Both “Male” and “Female” have different “Physiology”, “Psychology” , “Strengths” and “Weaknesses”

So why our society wants a Girl to behave as a “Girl” as well as a “Boy”, and not Vice-Versa ?



7 thoughts on “Our Society : “Son” and “Daughter” Both are Equal!!! – Really ???

  1. Very true, things are changing and changing for good.
    Remember it was female dominated society few thousand years back, Girls were having right to select “Groom” from “Savamber”.
    Siyaver Ramchandra and Radhe Krisna is another example.
    In between things reversed again reversal will take place.
    This is a period cycle.


  2. In the context of typical Indian society the thoughts are relevant but equality should not be seen as limited to wearing clothes, riding bike, cooking etc but it is more about basic rights needed to live properly, freedom to express yourself, education, opportunities etc. We should not forget what was the situation of females in our country few years back and now it is changing fast.
    “My dauther is like my son” I find this a positive statement depending on in what context it is said. For example even today we do not see lady auto or taxi drivers. Like that many such works are limited to male only in out society. So if a daugther go and start driving a taxi a proud father or mother can say “my daughter is like my son” and it should be seen in a positive way.

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