Biggest lesson of Life from 2’s Table : “Two One Za Two” !!!!

Hello Friends,

In our childhood, we all have learned Tables and most of us like Table of 5, 10, 20 because we found them very easy to remember.

That time learning tables from 2 to 20, was such a difficult Task.
Even more difficult from learning cooking, ridding bicycle etc..
and when Teachers asked randomly anything from tables, we almost got confused.

But whatever we do first time, generally that memory is
unforgettable. I remember when I have learned 2’s table.

I say it like:

“Two 1 Za Two”
“Two 2 Za Four”
“Two 3 Za Six”
“Two 4 Za Eight”
“Two 5 Za Ten”
and so on………….

I have never think what is “Two 1 Za Two” ??

One day I realized that : Why we say “Two 1 Za Two”?
Then I have asked my Husband about this.
He told me that it’s not “Two 1 Za Two” : It is “Two 1’s are Two” and so on


Then I realized that from last around 20 years,
I was making a mistake and nobody even makes me correct,
Infact today also, many of us used to say tables like that only,
without thinking “What does “Two 1 Za Two” really Mean”??

Moral of the Story :

Sometimes it happened that someone told us or teach us to do something and
we keep on doing that, without thinking :

Why we are doing that?
What will happen, if we will do that?
Whatever we have learned is correct or not?
What is the meaning behind what we are Saying, Learning, Doing?

So better ask questions from ourselves first and if you don’t get
any answer try to ask from others and find answers for your Questions.

Conclusion :

If you will blindly follow, “what others are doing, what others are saying,
How others are living, what makes others to get happy, What makes others to get
excited, what makes other to feel confident” : You will end up by making mistakes.

Better analyze and experience “What”, “Why” , “For whom” : You’re doing anything.



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