“Fatherhood” : A Biggest Challenge for every Men!

This article is dedicated to all Fathers.

When I was a kid and started speaking, I used to say Mum-ma, Pa-pa, Ba-ba and so on
I have learned, to whom I should say Mumma, Papa and so on.
But now I understand the meaning of Father.

Father is :

1. A “Teacher” : Who teaches me and helped me in started walking on my 2 legs,
He teaches me how to ride a Bicycle by holding my bicycle from back and running behind me,
He teaches me how to make sacrifice, compromise, adjustment in life to make our Family Happy.

2. A “Doctor” : After telling or discussing my problems, worries, pains with him, all my
Problems, Pain, Worries vanishes, as they were never there.

3. A “Painter” : Who painted “Canvas of my Life” with lots of colors of Happiness.

4. A “Pilot” : Who always helped me in taking-off “My Plane of Dreams”.

5. A “Soldier” : Who protects his family from every bad situation, every crisis, every Threat.
We feel always safe, when he is with us.

6. A “Chef” : Who cook “Stories”, instantly when we didn’t feel to sleep.

7. An “Engineer” : Who always fix issues with my Toys, Watch, Appliances etc.

8. An “ATM” : In this ATM, we didn’t deposit anything but still we can get lots of love,
Happiness and Care, anytime we wish to.

9. A “Magician” : who can make anything possible.

10. Most Importantly, A “Bestest Friend” in My life.

Message for all Kids :

“We enjoyed our life a lot because of our “Father”, But being a Father is a very big Challenge, for any Men.He took that challenge and make himself so strong : “Emotionally”, “Physically”, “Financially”,so that he can play all roles (whatever I have discussed above), to give us a Better and Happy Life.”

A Big Salute to all “Fathers”.

Wishing all Fathers a very Happy Father’s Day!



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