Why We Teach : “Respect Elders”, Why Not “Younger”?

Hello Friends,

In our childhood only, our Parents taught us that we should give “Respect to our Elders”. It is a good thing to give respect to elders.

Nothing against this thought.

But Is there any Rule or Law which says that we will be punished,
If we will give Respect to our “Younger”?

Let me give you few instances:

1. One day I was walking with my friend around the park, She saw her younger brother smoking with his friends. She went there and started shouting at him and she slapped him.

Next day also we were walking and she saw her Father “Smoking”. She ignored and left from there.
Then I asked her : “Why you reacted differently with same situation”?

She said : “I cannot say anything to him. He is my Father, He is elder to me”.
I said : “Fine”, I can understand you cannot shout at your Father.

But, Who gave you “Right” to Shout/Raise your Hand, at your brother in front of his friends?

2. On weekend, I visited one of my friend’s place. My Friend’s husband was in headache that day.
Her mother-in-law was listening music in high volume, then he came out of his room and asked politely to his Mom : “Mom I am having Headache, Can you please slow down the volume” ? and again he went inside the room. Me and my friend was laughing on some joke (Not so loudly, but i think our voice reached him), He came out in Anger and started shouting at my friend saying, “Don’t you know, I am having headache, why you are laughing so loudly“?

I asked him, “Why are you shouting at her”, before two minutes you were very polite with your Mom. As your “Wife” is younger to you, Does it mean you can shout at her?

Request to all my friends : 

Do respect everyone in your life!
Give Respect to Elder to Get Love, Give Respect to Younger to get Respect back“.

Don’t misbehave with anyone, only because he/she is younger to you.

In short : “Give Respect, To Get It”!



2 thoughts on “Why We Teach : “Respect Elders”, Why Not “Younger”?

  1. Vry good observations and logical thoughts.
    To create healthy environment around we need to be human.
    Congratulations. ….!!!!!
    Keep writing thought provoking ideas on survival values.
    MY Best wishes and blessings always with you.

    Arun Tyagi


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