In India, Is Education Playing a vital Role – Are we really Educated???

Hello Friends,

Now-a-Days you all must have observed that, Now Government is also
taking many steps in improving the literacy rate in India.

But Is Education really making a difference in our society? Are we really behaving as “Literates”?

A. In our Junior School itself, we have been taught about certain traffic rules to
– Save our and other’s life,
– Manage Traffic conveniently

Examples :

1. “Footpath should be used for walking, and roads for Driving Vehicles but are we following that?

2. Use “Zebra crossing for crossing road, vehicles should stop before Zebra crossing.

Unfortunately in many of our cities/villages we don’t have any Zebra Crossing yet,
but wherever we have, we stop our vehicles after Zebra Crossing when signal is “Red” not before it.


3. Not park our vehicles in “No-parking“. But we generally search for some space where we
can park our vehicle, without having any concern that it’s a Parking Area or not.

4. We don’t follow Traffic rules at all, like breaking Traffic Signals, Not wearing seat belts,
not wearing helmets, Talking on Mobile phones while driving, Wrong side over take and so many things.

And still we say that we are “Literates”.

B. From last year onwards, Mr. Narendra Modi started “Cleanliness Campaign“.
In our schools also, we must have taught that we should segregate waste.
I have seen many places where Dustbins are kept with Tag as “Dry waste”
and “Wet Waste”, but what we “Educated Persons” doing, without reading or
even after reading also, we throw wet waste in dry dustbin and vice versa.

At some places, segregating waste is compulsory, otherwise Fine will be charged.
So we did segregation, but we don’t want to follow this practice, if it is not compulsory
or no fine will be charged.

C. We have so many Laws against “Child Labor” from mid 90s, but we hardly listen that
someone is punished for violating “child Labor” laws.

We must have seen many Children working for “Highly Educated” society.

Conclusion :

Just reading books and getting good marks by writing correct answers in exams wouldn’t be
suffice. We should not show our degree to prove that we are literates, our actions should show that.

Requesting you all to follow what we have learned.
Rules are meant to “Follow” not to “Break”.

Follow Rules and ask others also to do the same, instead
looking someone breaking the “rules” and starting the same.



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