Why we have a mindset of treating “Son-in-Law” as “Prince” & “Daughter-in-Law” as ……

Hello Friends,

I am back again with some different thought,
As we are in so called “Male Dominating Society”,
I know, Many won’t like or agree with this thought.

But still I want to put this thought in front of everyone,
Because now there is need for “Change”.

From my childhood only, I have seen that “Son-in-Law
should be treated as “Prince“.

  • In-Laws should treat him with respect,
  • They should not ask him to do any work at their place,
  • They should never talk to him in an inappropriate way,
  • They should prepare his favorite dishes during his stay at their place.
  • They should give him lots of gifts, sweets when he went to their place.
  • and They should give their best in making him Happy.

Anyone ever thought, what is the reason of giving ┬áso much “importance” to him, previously?

Previously, Son-in-Law take responsibility to

  • Take care of their daughter,
  • Fulfilling her basic needs,
  • Giving her safe environment.

He promises her that all in her good or bad, he will take care of her.

Other side of the coin :

With “Daughter-in-Law” :

  • We can misbehave,
  • We can abuse,
  • We can treat her as maid who should do all household chores like cleaning,
    washing clothes, cooking and so on……
  • & No tantrums for her.

Anyone ever thought, what is the reason of giving so much “negligence” to her?

Previously/Now/In the Future, Daughter-in-Law take responsibility to

  • Take care of his Husband and her In-Laws,
  • Fulfilling basic needs of her family,
  • Giving her family a happy and peaceful environment.

She promises him that all in his good or bad, she will take care of him and his family.

Change which we should inculcate in our self :

Son-in-law, who generally don’t take care of his in-laws,
now-a-days, mostly wives are also earning so no burden on her husband,
but still so many tantrums for him.
But the one who take care of him and his family, nothing for her.

You all decide and let me know, how much worth this behavior is for
Son-in-law and daughter-in-law??