World of Imagination – Be Imaginative !

Hello Everyone,

Being a girl , I love to be in my Imagination World.
And according to me Imagination is the main driving factor of Innovation.

We all seem to have an instinctive sense that kids are more creative than adults.
We don’t question it; we all intuitively just know it’s true and
we view it as a natural state for children. And it is.

When it comes to creativity in adults, our beliefs about it seem to change.
There are lots of perceptions in our ethos about creativity—that it’s elusive and mysterious,
that it comes in an “a-ha” moment that we can’t predict or control for, and
that any individual is either creative or not.
Somehow, what is totally natural for every child seems unnatural when we’re adults.

If below things were not Imaginative, You can think what would have happened :

1. After seeing birds flying, Wright Brothers imaginative why we people cannot fly?
And he crafted his imagination in the form of “Airplane”.

2. After seeing Stars/Moon in the sky, some great people imaginative how we can reach
Them, and then NASA scientists came up with Space craft.

3. All household Appliances like Vacuum Cleaner, Refrigerator, Geyser, Food Processor,
Roti Maker, Washing Machine, and a lot many …….
Are results of our Imaginations only.

4. All workplace facilities like VC sessions, Wifi offices, Smart Offices,
Biometric Attendance Systems, IVR Systems, Coffee Machines, Printers, Centralized Fire Alarm System
And so many other things which are making our life easy and effective, came out from our Imaginations.

5. Last but not the least few things out from my “Imagination World” :

-> After seeing so many deaths because of Airplane Crash, Road Accidents, Train Accidents, Wars
I have imaginative, why can’t we have Life saving jacket which will save us from Fire, Water,
and other Physical Injuries. Suit like Iron Man!
-> After seeing so many Robberies, Thefts, I have imaginative why can’t we have 1 centralized camera which will
Monitor each and everything and once that camera found anything Suspicious, it should alert Security Agencies.
So may be we can save many lives from Bomb Blasts, robberies and other Crimes.
-> After doing so many things manually daily, I have imaginative to automate them.

Imagination Everywhere :

Imagination, like creativity, is not for exclusive use during the visionary idea generation phase.
It is useful throughout the innovation process. For instance, in order to turn a new product idea
into a manufactured product, someone needs to visualize and design a production process.
Someone else needs to design the components and someone needs to design packaging
that not only protects the product but, in many cases, motivates people to pick up your boxed product,
look at it and buy it. In other words, for a truly innovative product, you want great imaginations at
every step of the innovation ladder.

Last few words :

Be Imaginative and Do Innovation!

– Swapnil


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