What will you ask : If God will ask you for a wish which he will Promise to fulfil!


Hello friends,

When I asked this question to myself, long list of wishes appears in front of me. Before I will start with my list, I want to share a unique wish, which someone asked for , and God was not able to fulfil.

One day God was dreaming and in his dreams he decided to give 1 wish to his shortlisted candidates, which he will assure that he will fulfill.

God reached out to a lady , who wake up at 5:30 and start her day with Yoga, then she prepare breakfast and lunch for his family and rush to office, after reaching there she complete all her assigned work and leave for the day.After reaching home she prepares food for her family , help her kids in completing homework, prepare herself for next day, share about her day with her husband before sleeping.

God came in her dreams and asked her for a wish which he will fulfil for sure : she took some time to decide what she should ask for?Then with very innocent and tired face she asked : Can you please extend a day from 24 hours to few more hours? It is little difficult to manage everything in just 24 hours.

God came out of his dream, and became very furious, as if it was reality he was not able to fulfil her dream.

Just a suggestion, think twice before asking for anything from a lady :p

Dedicated to all working women 🙂



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