What are we achieving : “Success” or “Stress”?

Hi Friends,

Hope you all are doing good, I am back with few Buzz Words, Now-a-Days :                       “Success & Stress”

Everyone is having stress, talking about it, doing exercise, yoga, meditation  to get rid of it and we all happily discuss about our favorite word called “STRESS” 🙂

I have always heard “Precaution is Better than Cure“.

In case of “Stress”, we are trying to cure it, we are not taking any precautions to prevent it. Let me tell you how ?

Parent’s Fear: “My Kid will not left behind in race of

Being – Successful”, “Being – The Best”, “Being – At Top

And what’s wrong if we will put our kids in so many things, other kids are also doing so many activities (hobby classes : Dance, Singing, Instrument learning, Sports, Studies and so on), right?

Parents are “stressing” themselves and their Kids too instead of enjoying and satisfying with what potential their kids are having and what they are achieving. All fingers are not same, and they are not same for a reason. Then why we pressurize our kids to be same, to excel in every field, why we want, all 100/100 in each and every subject area?

Child with Heavy School Homework Book BagFear at Work : Everyone wants to reach at top (Dreams for CEO position till we retire).

Our Seniors always helps us in being “The Best“, avoiding mistakes at work.
Everyone strives for Excellence. Opportunities are few and candidates/Competitors
are more. Everyone wants to achieve or acquire those opportunities of “Promotion”, “Relocation”,”Maximum Hike”, “Hot technology to work for” and so on….
So we are doing more and more to achieve all above mentioned opportunities.

Those who get “Success” , find something “More” to “Achieve”.
Those who didn’t get anything, try even “More” to get it next time.

Finally : “Stress – Success Life Cycle”


Conclusion :

“Having Ambitions is good but Obsession for anything is anytime harmful”.

As a Precaution : “Enjoy what you have , be ready to learn, be ready to improve, be ready to achieve , be ready for healthy competition,  to avoid your entry in  “Stress – Success Life Cycle“.



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