Dirty Truth About Indian Society towards Women!

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Hello Friends,

Hope you’re doing good! I am again here with some anger
this time. I have experienced one practice in India,
if you’re a girl, may be you are right but still you should
be sorry for that, in front of your : Father, Husband, Brother, Son..
In short, we should be sorry towards Male society for our
thoughts, opinions, freedom of speech etc….

One day I was sitting alone and thinking, Why my Mom is teaching all these things to me? “How all this started?

Then I started backtracking for such thoughts, as
I am an Engineer and when engineers stuck in something
they do reverse-engineering, of the problem.

What I found will shock you all :

My mom was teaching me all that, because her mom told her that and from generations we are inheriting that females should wear properly, should behave properly,
should do house hold chores, should not open her mouth even when something wrong is happening.

In short, “Learn to Tolerate“!

Let me remind you about few instances about “Women Injustice” and “Male Dominant Society”, there are actually a lot, on which we can write a Book :

1. All our great Hindu Mythological books like Mahabharata and Bhagwad Geeta written by Ved Vyas (Male), Ramayan by Tulsi das (Male) and so on…..

Great guru’s like Vishwamitra , who taught Lord Ram and LakshmanDronacharya for Iklavya and so on…..

My point is, Do you remember any lady saint’s name or Lady Guru who was intelligent enough to write any such kind of Books or teach someone to make famous personalities like them?

Our Mythological books , written by “MALES”, explains : “what a women should do and what a men should do?” Males themselves decided what they are supposed to do and what a female should do. And we are happily following this from decades.

I don’t think that there were any mutual discussion happened between 2 genders to decide the responsibilities : who will do what?

2. Sati Pratha/Practice : is an obsolete Hindu funeral custom where a widow immolates herself on her husband’s pyre or commits suicide in another fashion shortly after her husband’s death.

You know who stopped this pratha : Queen Victoria (A Lady) in 1861.

No such pratha/practice for males??

3. Widow Remarriage : Widow should not think for remarriage, she should cut her hairs, should wear white saree, no ornaments, should eat food like animals, in short hell for her.

No such rules for Males?? Why?

Then Widow Remarriage ACT, 1856 introduced to stop such evil practices.

4. Abortion cases for Girl Child : Why not for a Male child?

5. Till Date only 1 Female president (Pratibha Patil) that too after 60 years of Independence in 2007 and just 1 lady prime minister Indira Gandhi, till date.

Dear Girls/Ladies :

I am not against any gender, I know there are so many males who raised their voices against female Abuse, did so many things for female betterment. But now, we should understand, Where we should say No, Where we should raise our Voice, if something is happening wrong in our society. We have the right to decide for our own life.
No one else should drive our life.

After reading above examples What you think : ” Why Females are not having any strong presence in our History or even in our Present“?

Don’t have ladies that potential or Something is stopping them to Achieve ?

Don’t do things blindly, because our ancestors also did that. Now we should take the onus of creating Better Future by giving Better Environment, Better culture of Respect, Equality, Freedom of putting her thoughts, in our society, for Women.

I always follow one principle, And I would like to thank my parents for teaching me that :

Give Respect and Take Respect! Think Rationally and Behave Accordingly!