Killing – Evil or Virtuous? What you think?

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Hello Friends,
After such a long break, I am back again for my readers with a different thought – “Killing“.

I know you all must me thinking – “How Killing can be – Virtuous?

Let me tell you my dear friends, each coin has two sides.┬áToday I am going to turn the other side of “Killing” & believe me – you all should start Killing ­čÖé

Killing can be virtuous” – if we are killing below :

  • Evil Person – like “Lord Ram” killed “Ravana”. We all worship “Lord Ram” instead of considering him as a culprit.┬á Today our Defence authorities (Army, Navy and Air force) are taking care of all ill elements in our society┬á and ensuring that we all are living peacefully. Now they are like God for us, who are saving us from “Devils of our society”.

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  • Evil Thoughts & Wishes – Of achieving something by Hook or Crook.

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  • Evil Habits – Of having Drugs, Junk food, not having proper sleep, taking stress of unnecessary things, spending all time with Electronic Gadgets/PDAs/Mobile Phones etc…

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  • Evil Mindset – Of throwing Acid on girl’s face, if she rejects you.

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  • Evil Behaviour –┬á Every person is a combination of Good and Bad personalities. We should give a try to kill that bad part of ourselves so that serene part within us will blossom our life.

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Killing is Evil” : When you’re killing any innocent person, your unborn desires , your wishes and your Dreams.

Killing is not Evil – if you’re killing an Evil, but is Virtuous!