Killing – Evil or Virtuous? What you think?

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Hello Friends,
After such a long break, I am back again for my readers with a different thought – “Killing“.

I know you all must me thinking – “How Killing can be – Virtuous?

Let me tell you my dear friends, each coin has two sides. Today I am going to turn the other side of “Killing” & believe me – you all should start Killing 🙂

Killing can be virtuous” – if we are killing below :

  • Evil Person – like “Lord Ram” killed “Ravana”. We all worship “Lord Ram” instead of considering him as a culprit.  Today our Defence authorities (Army, Navy and Air force) are taking care of all ill elements in our society  and ensuring that we all are living peacefully. Now they are like God for us, who are saving us from “Devils of our society”.

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  • Evil Thoughts & Wishes – Of achieving something by Hook or Crook.

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  • Evil Habits – Of having Drugs, Junk food, not having proper sleep, taking stress of unnecessary things, spending all time with Electronic Gadgets/PDAs/Mobile Phones etc…

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  • Evil Mindset – Of throwing Acid on girl’s face, if she rejects you.

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  • Evil Behaviour –  Every person is a combination of Good and Bad personalities. We should give a try to kill that bad part of ourselves so that serene part within us will blossom our life.

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Killing is Evil” : When you’re killing any innocent person, your unborn desires , your wishes and your Dreams.

Killing is not Evil – if you’re killing an Evil, but is Virtuous!



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