Killing – Evil or Virtuous? What you think?

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Hello Friends,
After such a long break, I am back again for my readers with a different thought – “Killing“.

I know you all must me thinking – “How Killing can be – Virtuous?

Let me tell you my dear friends, each coin has two sides. Today I am going to turn the other side of “Killing” & believe me – you all should start Killing 🙂

Killing can be virtuous” – if we are killing below :

  • Evil Person – like “Lord Ram” killed “Ravana”. We all worship “Lord Ram” instead of considering him as a culprit.  Today our Defence authorities (Army, Navy and Air force) are taking care of all ill elements in our society  and ensuring that we all are living peacefully. Now they are like God for us, who are saving us from “Devils of our society”.

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  • Evil Thoughts & Wishes – Of achieving something by Hook or Crook.

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  • Evil Habits – Of having Drugs, Junk food, not having proper sleep, taking stress of unnecessary things, spending all time with Electronic Gadgets/PDAs/Mobile Phones etc…

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  • Evil Mindset – Of throwing Acid on girl’s face, if she rejects you.

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  • Evil Behaviour –  Every person is a combination of Good and Bad personalities. We should give a try to kill that bad part of ourselves so that serene part within us will blossom our life.

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Killing is Evil” : When you’re killing any innocent person, your unborn desires , your wishes and your Dreams.

Killing is not Evil – if you’re killing an Evil, but is Virtuous!



Open Letter to my Husband : I don’t Love you because ……….

Dear Husband,

First of all, I would like to wish you a very “Happy Husband’s Day“!  Secondly, after reading first line don’t conclude anything, Keep Reading 🙂

I don’t love you only because we spend good time with each other, we try to understand each other’s concerns, we enjoy each other’s company, we roam together and lot many good things we do for each other.

But “I love you a lot more” because :

  • Even though you pretend you don’t care for me, I know you didn’t sleep until I reached home safely after office at night.


  • Even though you say you don’t like my presence, I know you feel bad for my absence.

  • Even though we were not talking to each other, But if something is bothering me, You always be with me and make me feel comfortable.

  • Whenever I was not well, no matter how big the fight was? I found you by my side and taking care of me.



  • When I drive, until I reached my destination safely, you were worried for me. You estimate the time from source to destination and called me immediately, if I haven’t called you back after reaching there.

  • When you hold my hand even more tightly while crossing the road or in crowd.

  • When you enjoy all my silly things and habits 🙂 .  And being my crime partner.


Our relationship is special not because we have everything Green in our life, but we always try to make Red things, Green soon“. 🙂

I would like to Appreciate everything you did, doing and will do for me 🙂

-Your Wife 🙂

What will you ask : If God will ask you for a wish which he will Promise to fulfil!


Hello friends,

When I asked this question to myself, long list of wishes appears in front of me. Before I will start with my list, I want to share a unique wish, which someone asked for , and God was not able to fulfil.

One day God was dreaming and in his dreams he decided to give 1 wish to his shortlisted candidates, which he will assure that he will fulfill.

God reached out to a lady , who wake up at 5:30 and start her day with Yoga, then she prepare breakfast and lunch for his family and rush to office, after reaching there she complete all her assigned work and leave for the day.After reaching home she prepares food for her family , help her kids in completing homework, prepare herself for next day, share about her day with her husband before sleeping.

God came in her dreams and asked her for a wish which he will fulfil for sure : she took some time to decide what she should ask for?Then with very innocent and tired face she asked : Can you please extend a day from 24 hours to few more hours? It is little difficult to manage everything in just 24 hours.

God came out of his dream, and became very furious, as if it was reality he was not able to fulfil her dream.

Just a suggestion, think twice before asking for anything from a lady :p

Dedicated to all working women 🙂


Once a man asked God : What is the meaning of Life?

Hello All,

Read the below article to know what God Answered.
Also I want to share with you all, What is Life, to me?


Life is a book of Surprises, Everyday new page turns with new Learning, Hurts, Happiness and Failures.


Living Life with Fun, Happiness is a Talent, everyone don’t have it.


Life is an art and we are artists. “Life is what you make it”


One day your life will flash before your eyes make sure it’s worth watching.


Life is too short to wake up with regrets, Love the people who treat you right & Forget the ones Who don’t!

Life is there in all small moments of making others Happy, Sharing someone’s pain, Trying something new, Learning from other’s experiences as well as self.


Life is from Birth (B) to Death (D), but there is “C” in between. What is “C” : It’s a “Choice”. Our Life is a matter of “Choices”.


There are no mistakes in life, only lessons. There is no such thing as a negative experience, only opportunities to grow.


Once a man asked God : What is the meaning of Life?

God answered life has no meaning in it, life is an opportunity to create its own meaning“.

– Swapnil


Why We Teach : “Respect Elders”, Why Not “Younger”?

Hello Friends,

In our childhood only, our Parents taught us that we should give “Respect to our Elders”. It is a good thing to give respect to elders.

Nothing against this thought.

But Is there any Rule or Law which says that we will be punished,
If we will give Respect to our “Younger”?

Let me give you few instances:

1. One day I was walking with my friend around the park, She saw her younger brother smoking with his friends. She went there and started shouting at him and she slapped him.

Next day also we were walking and she saw her Father “Smoking”. She ignored and left from there.
Then I asked her : “Why you reacted differently with same situation”?

She said : “I cannot say anything to him. He is my Father, He is elder to me”.
I said : “Fine”, I can understand you cannot shout at your Father.

But, Who gave you “Right” to Shout/Raise your Hand, at your brother in front of his friends?

2. On weekend, I visited one of my friend’s place. My Friend’s husband was in headache that day.
Her mother-in-law was listening music in high volume, then he came out of his room and asked politely to his Mom : “Mom I am having Headache, Can you please slow down the volume” ? and again he went inside the room. Me and my friend was laughing on some joke (Not so loudly, but i think our voice reached him), He came out in Anger and started shouting at my friend saying, “Don’t you know, I am having headache, why you are laughing so loudly“?

I asked him, “Why are you shouting at her”, before two minutes you were very polite with your Mom. As your “Wife” is younger to you, Does it mean you can shout at her?

Request to all my friends : 

Do respect everyone in your life!
Give Respect to Elder to Get Love, Give Respect to Younger to get Respect back“.

Don’t misbehave with anyone, only because he/she is younger to you.

In short : “Give Respect, To Get It”!


“Ladies : Why to expect Happiness from others, when we can’t make ourselves Happy?”

Hello Friends,

Generally, I found that People blame others for their Unhappiness,
But we ourselves didn’t make an effort to make ourselves Happy.

Let me tell you one story :

One of my friend starts her day by preparing Breakfast/ Tiffin for her Kids,as per their choice.
Lunch as per Husband’s choice.Because she wants them to be “Happy”.Then she quickly makes her kids
ready for school and drop them. After dropping them, she rushed for office.She works very hard in office, to make her seniors “Happy”. She bought fruits, chocolates or some eatables for her family everyday when she come back home.She got very tired after reaching home, but her kids want her to play with them.In spite of her tiredness, she played with them because she doesn’t want them to be “Unhappy”.
Then she wraps up kitchen tasks and help her kids in completing their Homework.
After doing all this, she sleep, to start another day.

She is very enthusiastic, fun-loving person. She often plans, get together with her family, friends
and colleagues. She is very good at cooking, so she prepares a variety of mouth-watering dishes for her guests.Because she wants her guests to be “Happy”.

She planned her Kids Birthdays, Husband’s Birthday, Marriage Anniversary in advance.
Because by giving surprise to her family, she wants to see “Happiness” on their faces.

One day she was very sad, I asked her : “What happened dear”?
Firstly she said nothing yaar, just stressed. But after asking so many times she said :
“Yaar, I did so much for my Family’s (Husband + Kids) Happiness, but they didn’t feel
that they should respect me for that or else they should also think something for me”.

After listening to her, I asked few questions to her :

1. Are you unhappy, after treated like this?
She said : Yes.

2. Who is your best friend?
She answered : I think, no one. But for namesake, I have so many friends.
I replied : “You”, try to be your Best Friend. No one else can understand more than you.

3. When you feel some pain, you don’t feel well, who else can feel the same with you?
She answered : No one can understand my pain, its mine only.

4. What you do to make yourself Happy?
She answered : After making others happy, I also feel Happy.

5. Then why are you “Unhappy”, because rest all are happy?
She answered : I don’t know.

Then I tried to give her an answer to her “I don’t Know” :

I told her you will definitely feel happy, after making others happy.
But, you should make yourself “Happy” first. You should start Appreciating yourself
for the work you are doing for your family or for your Workplace.

Can’t you prepare one day meal of your choice to make yourself happy, rather than expecting
that someone should bring something of your choice, or rather than blaming others for not doing anything for you?
Can’t you give treat to yourself after getting Hike/Promotion in your office, or after achieving some
accolade rather than expecting it from your family or blaming them for not doing anything for you?
Can’t you buy gifts for yourself for your Birthday, Anniversary rather than expecting it from others?
Can’t you plan travel for yourself, to feel yourself relaxed?
Can’t you give time for yourself, for your hobbies, instead of asking someone to do anything for your entertainment?

Moral of the Story :
We should give “Priority” to our happiness first, then only we should think of
other’s happiness, because if you think about others first, ultimately it will take you
to the “Way to Unhappiness” . And if you blame others for not doing anything for yourself,
after doing so much for them, They may say, we didn’t ask you for that, we thought you are
doing that, because it makes “You feel Happy”.

“So try to give Importance, Priority to “You” first, Because if you don’t value yourself no one else
can do also”.

Biggest lesson of Life from 2’s Table : “Two One Za Two” !!!!

Hello Friends,

In our childhood, we all have learned Tables and most of us like Table of 5, 10, 20 because we found them very easy to remember.

That time learning tables from 2 to 20, was such a difficult Task.
Even more difficult from learning cooking, ridding bicycle etc..
and when Teachers asked randomly anything from tables, we almost got confused.

But whatever we do first time, generally that memory is
unforgettable. I remember when I have learned 2’s table.

I say it like:

“Two 1 Za Two”
“Two 2 Za Four”
“Two 3 Za Six”
“Two 4 Za Eight”
“Two 5 Za Ten”
and so on………….

I have never think what is “Two 1 Za Two” ??

One day I realized that : Why we say “Two 1 Za Two”?
Then I have asked my Husband about this.
He told me that it’s not “Two 1 Za Two” : It is “Two 1’s are Two” and so on


Then I realized that from last around 20 years,
I was making a mistake and nobody even makes me correct,
Infact today also, many of us used to say tables like that only,
without thinking “What does “Two 1 Za Two” really Mean”??

Moral of the Story :

Sometimes it happened that someone told us or teach us to do something and
we keep on doing that, without thinking :

Why we are doing that?
What will happen, if we will do that?
Whatever we have learned is correct or not?
What is the meaning behind what we are Saying, Learning, Doing?

So better ask questions from ourselves first and if you don’t get
any answer try to ask from others and find answers for your Questions.

Conclusion :

If you will blindly follow, “what others are doing, what others are saying,
How others are living, what makes others to get happy, What makes others to get
excited, what makes other to feel confident” : You will end up by making mistakes.

Better analyze and experience “What”, “Why” , “For whom” : You’re doing anything.